Beer Saigon Lager

lon chai Lager

Brand: Saigon Lager Beer

Saigon Lager – Vietnamese beer

General information about the product:

• Product type: Lager beer
• Alcohol content: 4.3% volume.
• Capacity: 450ml, 335ml bottles and 330ml cans
• Ingredients: Water, malt, rice, hops
• Packaging: packed in brown glass bottles, 20 plastic bottles/carton or aluminum cans - 24 cans/carton.
• Instructions for use: Better when drinking cold, best at 10 - 12 degrees Celsius
• Storage instructions:
- Preserving a cool and dry place
– Avoid direct exposure to heat sources or sunlight.
• Quality declaration number: TCCS 1: 2008 standard


Saigon Lager bottled beer is produced and widely distributed nationwide.

Message: "Saigon Lager - Vietnamese beer"

Present on the market since 1992, Saigon Lager beer has been receiving a lot of trust from millions of Vietnamese beer drinkers.
Produced on the world's leading modern technological lines under the management of a team of skilled technicians and skilled workers, Saigon Lager beer brings a refreshing, fresh and rich feeling to users. use.
Saigon beer does not cause dehydration and headaches after drinking.


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